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Parution : The Templars and their Sources

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5 avril 2017

Campus Tertre

Philippe JOSSERAND, MCF en histoire médiévale au CRHIA (Université de Nantes), vient de publier un nouvel ouvrage avec Karl BORCHARDT, Karoline DORING et Helen J. NICHOLSON :

The Templars and their Sources

Even 700 years after the suppression of the Order of the Temple and the execution of the last grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, there is no shortage of publications on this influential military order. Yet unlike other medieval institutions the Templars are subject to speculative fiction and popular myth which threaten to swamp the fruits of scholarly endeavour. Fortunately, recent years have produced a thriving academic scholarship which is challenging these myths. More and more sources are currently being edited, particularly those for the trial of the Templars (1307-1312). Others are still awaiting indepth study, among them, surprisingly, the greater part of the charters that cover more than 150 years of the Order's history.

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